Stop California SB 249

It’s Anti Firearm Season in California, again !

One Senate Bill is coming into focus of Firearm owners right now, SB249.
Senate Bill 249 (Yee SD-08 “Firearms: assault weapon conversion kits”) is a California State Senate bill authored by Senator Leland Yee designed to prohibit possession, importation, making, selling, transferring, or loaning, any “conversion kit.” After reading through the SB, which is poorly and sloppy written in my eyes, the intention of this Bill is clear. It should prevent the Mag Magnet or Bullet Button or both in mid 2013. The Bullet Button, or mostly called BB, makes it legal to own a “AR15” style rifle in California which does not fall under the Assault Weapon Law, right now.

The people in the California Senate still thinks the civilian AR15 is evil and must be prohibited. They probably should consult the FBI Crime Reports to find out that Knifes are more contributing to Homicides than rifles. See:FBI Crime Report 2010

That said, I’m personally against unclean written laws, having virtually no effect on crime in general. Or do you think if some one who wants to commit to a crime can be stopped by prohibiting a conversion kit which makes the semi-automatic rifle a Assault-Rifle according to California Law. Do you even think, that person is following laws ? That’s why I think this Bill must be stopped.

For more information, read the background information at and sign against this law.